Destination Tropea

Fata Morgana


The magic of our land

The myth of the Fata Morgana is known worldwide, a peculiarity that characterizes the coasts of Reggio Calabria.

The name derives from the water fairy typical of Celtic mythology. A creature that caused visions in sailors, in order to lure them into the water and lead them to certain death.

There are many myths linked to Fata Morgana, but the most famous dates back to the time of the barbarian invasions. It seems that a sovereign, followed by his army of fighters, arrived in Italy with the aim of conquering it. When he reached Reggio Calabria, he stopped because of the Strait of Messina, unable to reach the land in front of him, on which a smoking mountain, Mount Etna, was visible. Suddenly a beautiful woman materialized in front of him, who said, “Look at that wonderful island and admire its expanses and its magical volcano. It belongs to me and I can give it to you, if you wish.”

The sovereign nodded, and at the gesture of the Fairy, everything he desired appeared before him, a city with enormous palaces and fantastic gardens, inhabited by many beautiful women. He mounted his horse and set off with his men, but tragically drowned, amidst Morgana’s amused laughter.

Even today, on particularly sultry days, in Reggio Calabria, one can witness an incredible phenomenon, seeing the Strait transform and show figures that oscillate and fluctuate. As if one were facing a window overlooking another dimension.

All this happens when the air temperature near the ground is lower than the overlying air. In this way, there is a variation in density and consequently in the refractive index.

One can speak of a mirage, albeit unusual, to contemplate within a small strip located above the horizon. Something capable of enchanting anyone…