Destination Tropea

Tropea’s red onion

Tropea Red Onion While onions are grown across the region, the sandy soil and milder coastal climate yield the world’s sweetest onions. This remarkable sweetness lends itself to a myriad of culinary preparations. Crisp and boasting a vibrant red hue, the Tropea red onion is a vegetable renowned for its beneficial properties. Curiosity The harvesting […]

Amaro del Capo

Amaro del Capo The Vecchio Amaro del Capo, a liqueur made from 29 herbs from Calabria, is the result of an ancient Calabrian recipe that has been reworked and improved upon by the experience gained from four generations of the Caffo family. With its warm and amber color and its unmistakable gentle and aromatic taste, […]

The “Beautiful Coast”

Discovering Calabria 7 reasons why you should visit Calabria – the jewel of the Mediterranean. Breathtaking landscapes, delicious food, and vibrant nightlife. These are just some of the things that make Calabria one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. Here are 7 reasons why you should visit this gem of the Mediterranean. A new […]

Useful numbers for holidays in Tropea.

  Public Services Town Hall – Largo Ruffa – Tel. 0963.61022Office of Direct Taxes – Viale Don Mottola – Tel. 0963.61200Magistrate’s Court – Via F. Barone – Tel. 0963 666267Justice of the Peace – Largo S. Michele – Tel. 0963.603134Italian Post Office – Via V. Veneto – Tel. 0963.61290ENEL (Electricity Company) – Vibo Valentia – […]


Paragliding Enjoy the wonders of the coast… while flying. Related to skydiving, paragliding differs in that it doesn’t involve a jump to start the flight, but a takeoff, somewhat like a human-powered airplane. It’s a fantastic sport that can allow you to admire all the beauties of the beautiful coast from viewpoints never experienced before. […]

Tono’s Beach

Tono Beach The thrill of surfing on the crystalline waves of the Calabrian sea, a sensational experience to live. Tono Beach is located near the renowned Grotticelle Beach. It is a white sandy beach characterized by the rolling waves of its crystal-clear sea. This makes it special and unique, as well as the ideal destination […]

Fata Morgana

  The magic of our land The myth of the Fata Morgana is known worldwide, a peculiarity that characterizes the coasts of Reggio Calabria. The name derives from the water fairy typical of Celtic mythology. A creature that caused visions in sailors, in order to lure them into the water and lead them to certain […]

Ulysses’ Sunsets

  Sunsets of Ulysses Every year, every day from a different vantage point during the spring and summer seasons, from the Coast of the Gods, a magical event repeats itself: the unique spectacle of the sunset over Stromboli, also the setting of a photo-video contest. It has been dedicated to Ulysses for the allure of […]


Thalassotherapy Typical of our areas, thalassotherapy is a therapeutic form practiced in spas and wellness centers. This alternative therapy has ancient origins and is based on the beneficial effects that elements typical of the marine climate, such as mud, algae, and sand, have on our body. Would you like to experience this as well? Villaggio […]


  A frame for your most beautiful memories Our coast and especially Tropea, is a coveted destination by many as a location to celebrate high-level weddings. Lovers come from all over the world to crown one of the most important moments of their lives. And who can blame them, Tropea is known worldwide for its […]